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Calvert Aeromodellers are a wide ranging group of people who have the owner’s  written permission to operate  model aircraft at Gratton Field. As model aircraft operation is controlled by Commonwealth of Australia Law, all operators of model aircraft must abide by the conditions set out in Civil Aviation Safety Authority Regulation 101. An outline of these conditions and restrictions imposed by Ipswich City Council are posted on the field Notice Board for the attention of all operators.

However, compliance with the operating conditions is not particularly onerous and a great variety of models ranging from small rubber band jobs to large scale replicas of man carrying aircraft are flown regularly. The field hosts Miniature War Bird events on a regular basis as modelling and flying scale military aircraft has a huge following and large numbers of models and modellers usually attend these events.

Sport flyers take advantage of the long wide runway and open approaches to hone their flying and landing skills in quieter moments, while electrically powered sailplanes and radio assisted  Old Timer designs from the 1940’s are able to take advantage of the thermal activity generated by the heat released by the underlying black soil to increase power off flight time.

In addition the excellent flying facilities Gratton Field has a large Club house with hot water, refrigeration, cold drinks, BBQ, microwave and covered eating area. Flushing toilets are provided for men and women with showers, cabins available for hire and campsites to round out the facilities on offer.

Calvert  Aeromodellers and Gratton Field combine to offer a great Club environment and facilities that make a day visit, an overnight stop on a weekend or a short holiday acceptable to the whole family. See you there!